Pet cat prevents Cobra from entering house, saves family


Not just dogs, cats can also be good friends with their owners, and a pet cat in Bhubaneswar has proved the same. In Bhubhaneswar’s Kapileswar, a pet cat saved its owner’s family from danger by preventing a cobra from entering the house.

The incident took place on Tuesday evening when a cobra in the Bhimatangi area of the city slithered towards the house of Sampad Kumar Parida from the backyard at noon but was blocked by the family’s pet cat – Chinu.

The owner, Sampad Parida, saw Chinu running to the backyard. He said he saw the cat standing guard against the cobra, which was four feet long, and preventing it from entering the house, ANI reported. The cat and the cobra were engaged in a fight however, Chinu did not move an inch from its space, The New Indian Express reported.

Parida’s family panicked when they saw the snake and immediately called the Snake Helpline. Parida said the cat stood guard outside their house until a team from Snake Helpline reached there.

He told ANI, “Our cat prevented the cobra from entering inside for nearly 30 minutes till a team from the Snake Helpline reached the spot. He is around one and a half years old and lives with us like a family member.”

“The pet cat stood guard to stop the snake till I came to rescue. The fight lasted for half an hour but fortunately, none of them was injured,” Arun Kumar Baral, a volunteer from the Snake Helpline, said, reported The New Indian Express.

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