Influencer Malvika Gupta’s unique mantra of creating trendy content revealed


Social media has shown its prowess for being one of the most lucrative and trendiest platforms. Many creators from different categories are making their presence felt over the digital domain. Among various categories, fashion remains one of the most prominent fields. Malvika Gupta, popularly known as ‘Styleonwings ’on Instagram has been in the blogging industry for more than seven years. Experiencing and learning the best from the internet, Malvika over the years has groomed her skills and is making the most of it through her exceptional content.

Malvika’s core expertise in content creation has been in beauty, fashion and travel. Striking a perfect balance between these three categories, the influencer’s focus is on creating engaging content for the audience. Growing at a substantial pace, Malvika Gupta has built a family of more than 250K followers on Instagram. When asked what makes her unique from her contemporaries, she said, “Being unique is all about being yourself. Originality is what I have always believed in, and that is important if you want to get ahead.” Known for trying different makeup and fashion looks, Malvika Gupta has welcomed experimentation in her work.

Whether it is trying different hairstyles or donning an outfit in different ways, the influencer has mastered the skill by bringing newness to her content. So far, Malvika Gupta has collaborated with many notable brands like L’Oreal, Swarovski, Maybelline, Adidas, Daniel Wellington and many other global brands. With her extraordinary content, the influencer has been the inspiration when it comes to OOTD, beauty hacks and luxury travel.

Continuing the streak of creating trendy posts, the influencer has won everyone’s heart with her diversified content. However, Malvika Gupta misses travelling the most during the time of the pandemic. “I cannot wait to step out and explore the world once again. The situation is currently brim because of COVID-19, but it shall get better soon”, she added. If you are looking for content about travel, beauty, lifestyle and fashion, Malvika Gupta’s Instagram page ‘styleonwings ’is the ultimate guide for you.

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