Taiwan’s top leadership gains huge popularity among Indian netizens amid China standoff


Taiwan and its top leadership have gained huge popularity among Indian netizens in recent weeks amid the standoff with China in Ladakh.

Last month wishing Prime Minister Narendra Modi on his birthday, Taiwan President Tsai Ing-Wen tweeted, “Happy birthday to prime minister of India @narendramodi. Wishing you good health, happiness & continued success in your leadership of the great nation India.”

Meanwhile, sharing a picture of the poster displayed outside the Chinese Embassy here on Taiwan National, the Taiwanese Vice-President expressed his appreciation over twitter. He tweeted — “Proud to see our flag fly high and be recognized all over the world. We thank the people from so many countries who today expressed congratulations and support. Especially our Indian friends. Namaste! #TaiwanNationalDay #MilkTeaAlliance.”

Responding to Chinese Embassy’s diktat to the Indian media on Taiwan, Taiwan’s Foreign Minister Joseph Wu asked communist China in capital to ‘GET LOST’ and tweeted – “India is the largest democracy on Earth with a vibrant press & freedom-loving people. But it looks like communist #China is hoping to march into the subcontinent by imposing censorship, #Taiwan’s Indian friends will have one reply: GET LOST!”.

These tweets by Taiwan’s top leadership gained huge support from Indian netizens.

The controversy on the National Day and the Chinese response made it immensely popular amongst Indian netizens. #TaiwanNationalDay kept trending over Twitter in India for several days,almost a week!

A day after the National Day, Taiwanese President thanked Indians for their wishes and expressed optimism about safeguarding human rights and democratic values. Her tweet read – “Thank you to all our dear friends in India for your well wishes on #TaiwanNationalDay. Together, we can take pride in safeguarding our shared values like freedom & human rights, & defending our democratic way of life. #namaste”.

the Twitter handle of Taiwan Presidential Office Spokesperson tweeted, “We thank all the freedom-loving people of India for sending best wishes on #TaiwanNationalDay.Your tremendous support means a lot to all of us, & we hope it will inspire others to speak up for democratic values because it’s the right thing to do for our region & the world.”

The Taiwanese Foreign Ministry also thanked Indians for congratulatory messages and amazing support on Taiwan National Day. The Ministry,in its official Twitter handle wrote – “Thank you Indians’ congratulatory messages. Taiwan is pleased with this amazing support. When we say that we like India, we believe it.”

Tweeting her picture with the Taj Mahal, the Taiwan President said on 15th October “#Taiwan is lucky to be home to many Indian restaurants ,& Taiwanese people love them.I always go for Chana masala and naan, while #chai always takes me back to my travels in #India, and memories of a vibrant, diverse & colorful country.”

Another top Taiwanese leader Wang Ting-yu, who is also the Co-chair of the Foreign Affairs and National Defense Committee in Taiwanese Parliament also thanked Indians for wishing them on the National Day.He tweeted — Thank you to our Indian friends for the kind wishes! The People of Taiwan admire your spirit, your fearlessness and your determination to stand up for what is right.”

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