‘It is 200 percent strangulation’, said AIIMS panel head on seeing photo of Sushant’s body: Lawyer Vikas Singh


In a recent development in the death case of actor Sushant Singh Rajput, on Wednesday, advocate Vikas Singh, the lawyer of the family of late actor Sushant Singh Rajput, wrote a letter to the Director of the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI), urging to set up a new forensic team to investigate the pieces of evidence, while expressing his doubt over the forensic report submitted by AIIMS Delhi team in the case. 

Singh, in his letter, said that the leaked report, if correct, amounts to drawing a biased and boastful conclusion from insufficient evidence. 

On Wednesday, in a press conference, Vikas Singh, while addressing the media, made a shocking revelation. He revealed that when he had shown the AIIMS forensics head, Dr Sudhir Gupta, photo of Sushant’s dead body, he had told him upon seeing the pictures that it was 200 per cent strangulation. Singh added that Gupta also mentioned that it can’t be ascertained if it is a case of murder. And, if it is a case of hanging, then it can’t be said with certainty whether it is a case of suicide or not because one could be hanged after murder also. 

Singh also spoke about AIIMS role in the case. He said, “AIIMS was not there to do a post-mortem report but was only there to express its opinion with regard to the post-mortem report done by Cooper Hospital as AIIMS did not have the privilege of examining the body and thus forming a firsthand opinion about the cause of death.”

The Medical Board of the All India Institute of Medical Sciences had earlier submitted a report on Sushant`s death case directly to the CBI. The All India Institute of Medical Sciences` Forensic Medical Board confirmed that actor Sushant Singh Rajput died by suicide.”We have concluded our conclusive report. It is a case of hanging and death by suicide,” Dr Sudhir Gupta, AIIMS Forensic Head had told ANI last week.

In the press conference, Vikas Singh also said that there should be an inquiry against Dr Sudhir Gupta, who led the AIIMS panel. He added that the conduct of Dr Sudhir Gupta is unethical, unprofessional, in contravention of government service conduct rules and MCI guidelines, referring to the doctor allegedly leaking information about the case and talking to the media in an ongoing probe.

Meanwhile, Singh added that if the CBI did not act on the letter submitted by him on behalf of Sushant’s family, then they will move the court, pointing that the family had asked for a copy of the AIIMS report but hadn’t received any.

Toward the end of his press conference, Singh added that there still are several questions that remain unanswered in the case and surely raise eyebrows. Questions like whether Rhea gave Sushant drugs on his approval or he wasn’t aware of it at all? Did Rhea disclose about Sushant’s drugs situation to all the doctors that she was taking him to? What is the drug connection in Sushant’s death? These are a few of the many unanswered questions.

(With inputs from ANI)

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