Police action against upper caste mahapanchayat, FIR against 200


A Panchayat was held favouring the Hathras case accused at former BJP MLA Rajveer Singh Pahalwan’s residence. Many people of the upper caste were present in this Mahapanchayat. Now, the police have taken significant action in this case and registered a case against 200 people. The police said that no permission was sought for the mahapanchayat. On the other hand,  Rajvir Singh Pahalwan said that the police filed a case against 200 people. “I am ready to arrest two thousand people,” he declared. 

The former MLA had called the people of Savarna Samaj at his residence in Basant Bagh. Those present in the panchayat welcomed Yogi Adityanath’s CBI decision. At the same time, the people accused that those going to jail were innocent. Hathras Police has registered a case against 200 people under Section 269 and Section 188. Section 269 states that if a person goes against the law or disregarding the rules,that can cause a threat to the public’s life or the possibility of infection of a deadly disease and can be imprisoned for up to six months. 

Former BJP MLA Rajveer Singh statement on the issueRajvir Singh Pehalwan has said that the police administration has filed a case against only two hundred people. ‘We are ready to get arrested with two thousand people. If the police file a case against two thousand people, I will arrest five thousand people, but I will keep fighting for the truth,’ he said. 

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