Gurudwara Distributes Lassi To Devotees With This Intelligent Solution. Watch Viral Video


Viral Video: A volunteer distributed a drink to devotees at Gurudwara with this device.


  • Langar or community kitchens is a part of many Gurudwaras
  • This contraption helped volunteers dispense Lassi easily
  • The viral video of the device in action has taken social media by storm

Indians are known for their keen sense of ‘jugaad’ or making the most out of whatever resources are available to them. This skill is not just a one-day thing but something that people develop over a lifetime. The hacks that we innovate can often make the most Herculean of tasks simple and easy to perform. People of India are coming up with interesting solutions to everyday problems. A video of a volunteer distributing lassi to devotees at a Gurudwara with the help of an interesting contraption. Take a look at the viral video here:

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The video was shared by Twitter user @AmitAgarwal and it was originally sourced from another user Vikram Kalra. “A unique way of serving lassi/butter milk in a Langarkhana of a Gurudwara. They have used the cycle handle and brakes to serve lassi,” was the text mentioned with the video.

It showed a long line of devotees sitting together to eat food from the Gurudwara’s community kitchen, which also known as ‘Langar’. While the devotees ate the food in their plates, a young volunteer poured in buttermilk (or lassi) into their empty katoris. The device he used to dispense was a steel drum attached to a cart with wheels. There was a tap attached to the drum which was operated with the help of two cycle brakes. As he moved from one person to the other, he used the brakes to pour in the lassi with minimal effort and keeping distance from the devotees too.

The video went viral on Twitter garnering over 48k views and counting. Users poured in their reaction to the interesting contraption, and they loved the idea of maintaining distance and hygiene especially in these testing times of the Coronavirus pandemic.

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