DNA Exclusive! ‘Bigg Boss 14’


It has been three days on ‘Bigg Boss 14’ and amidst a lot of drama, Pavitra Punia has only shared love for Rahul Vaidya inside the house. However, not many would know that she knew Sidharth Shukla, one of the ‘Toofani Seniors’, from outside the house.

Pavitra and Sidharth had a brief and fun interaction on the first day inside the house. She helped Rahul Vaidya win a bed by giving him a kiss, and spilled the detail to Sidharth when they were chilling in the bedroom. Co-incidentally, Shezad Deol had just told Sidharth Shukla that he also kissed Rahul Vaidya, after which Pavitra gave him the peck. Sidharth then said he is scared of Deol because he said he would do anything for the bed. The whole conversation happened after Pavitra spilled the news to Sidharth.

Although they appear to be good friends inside the house, there was a time when Sidharth and Pavitra used to fight like cats and dogs. In her interview with DNA, Pavitra confirmed the same.

Here are some excerpts from her interview:

How excited are you for going against participating in the in the show?

I have very confused emotions.

So how were you approached for it? And what made you say yes. Is it the first time that you’ve been approached? Because you are quite a known television actress, so I think you would have been offered the show…

Yeah. I was offered the show last year. I had two choices, it was either my show or Bigg Boss, but there was a timing clash. The show was supposed to start early and Bigg Boss was later. I had to say no even though I really wanted to do Bigg Boss. I couldn’t refuse it this year. It’s not a good idea. And it’s not a good thing to just always say no, no, no. And I can’t do I was doing the show even this year. But I was like, last time I said yes to you and say no to them. This time I needed this to equal the thing to take a break from here and you say yes to them. That’s why I say yes to the boss.

I want to know your opinion if you were actually considering Bigg Boss 13, knowing that Paras was also a part of the show. So would things have been awkward? Or you know, I mean…

No it’s better, more like a divine plan. It was a very good thing that I did the show and not Bigg Boss, because I can’t be a fool with other fools, sorry. I don’t like certain people, so I want to be a part of their journey anywhere in their life. Professionally, personally, so it was better. I’m happy, no regrets.

So now they’re going to be with so many people under the same roof during this pandemic COVID-19, what kind of precautions have you been taking personally and what do you think will be taken as a house?

Our home remedies basically. For overall precautions, the team has done a great job. Every second day we speak to the COVID inspectors and doctors about the precautions inside the house. So team wise, they are going to like because eventually we are going to be under them, so they are taking good care of us. I’m nervous and hoping that things are better inside.

You have also worked with Sidharth Shukla. Are you both friends?

We are mainly acquintances, but don’t call and talk like friends during problems. Our journey during the show was very different. We used to fight like cats and dogs. We never got close to one another either.

I was gonna ask you that he has won the show the last only so like did you take any tips from him like what how do you survive in the house?

Not at all. In fact if anybody calls with that, I ask them to cut the call.

Have you been following the show?

Not really. I am prepared, but you never know the other person, right?

What do you think is the right mantra to win hearts of people and eventually the trophy?

Just follow the heart. That’s what I do. Whatever my heart allows and says I just do that. No matter if the other person feels bad. I’m not manipulative, diplomatic and cannot play politics. If you keep poking me then I will show you, and if you shower love then I’ll support you. It depends on the other person. My emotions are going to be my strength in the house.

What was your first impression about Bigg Boss?

It’s a jungle, and various entities come from the zoo. These entities are then left in the jungle to test their survival instincts. They have to fight to survive.

What is the one thing you will never do for a task?

I don’t know about task, but calling another person correct when he/she is not, is something I won’t do. I have a very motherly instinct, so if a person from the opposite team is also hurt, I will go and care for them. I don’t care if you abuse me also, but this is important for me.

What kind of tasks are you expecting this year?

I won’t go bald. Also, I won’t go against my instincts. I’m very stubborn also in these things.

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