Delhi: Greater Kailash residents asked to remove ramps | Delhi News


NEW DELHI: While the problem of seepage in basements of some houses in Greater Kailash-II is yet to be resolved, South Delhi Municipal Corporation (SDMC)’s engineering department has asked local residents to immediately remove all the concrete ramps covering drains.
Delhi High Court had recently taken note of the seepage and asked the agencies concerned to take appropriate measures, including cleaning of stormwater drains. On Friday, SDMC had started the desilting drive.
In a letter shared with the local residents’ welfare association (RWA), the south corporation has stated that since the drains are covered with concrete ramps, their desilting can’t be done. SDMC officials said that if the residents failed to remove the ramps on their own in 2-3 days, the civic body would demolish the structures.
“During an inspection, we found some of the residents covering the drains in front of their houses. We requested them to either demolish portions of the covers coming in the way of drains, or to carry out the desilting exercise on their own,” said an official.
The civic agency had earlier decided to operate its borewells in three parks to drain out the groundwater. “While our borewells continue to operate, we found during a survey on Monday that some people were running their motors only for limited hours. The seepage has probably reduced,” said the official.
The Greater Kailash-II RWA claimed to have circulated the letter to the residents. “The public works department as well as the SDMC’s sanitation department have started the desilting drive. They have plans to cover the entire area and we have urged the residents to help these departments in proper desilting of drains and remove the obstacles on their own,” said Sanjay Rana, president of GK-II RWA. Many residents continue to face difficulty due to seepage of water, he added.

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