‘Don’t you have any classes now?’, asks Twinkle Khanna to daughter Nitara as she keeps jumping on bed


Twinkle Khanna often shares insights about the time she spends with her kids. The actor-turned-writer shares photos and videos featuring her children Aarav Bhatia and Nitara Bhatia while they are home together. From reading together to teasing their mom, the kids do it all. On Wednesday, Twinkle took to her Instagram page and shared a video in which she is seen writing something and Nitara coming to her room and jumping on the bed.

In the video, a slightly annoyed Twinkle can be heard saying, “Why exactly are you doing this in my room? Don’t you have any classes now?” To which Nitara keeps mum and ignores her mom. Twinkle captioned the video stating, “If it’s not bad enough that neighbours are drilling through the wall when I am writing, I also have to contend with gymnastics on my bed and a shaking laptop. Can schools please take these children back before the poor parents resort to drinking all day?”

Check out the video below:

Twinkle is a millennial mom and she raises her kids in a badass way. Earlier during an interaction with Elle, on raising a daughter Mrs Funnybones said, “People always focus on their daughters, they teach them to be independent and liberated. But what about raising a feminist son? The best thing is to teach your kids that they each hold a place of value. Gender is irrelevant. But even if I’m speaking a certain language, my daughter’s exposed to other people. Her favourite show at the moment is this Barbie TV show, and when I asked her what she likes about it, she said “Barbie likes to shop.” That’s a terrible show!”

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