Ram temple: Nripendra Misra takes stock of preparations – lucknow


Chairman of Ram temple construction committee Nripendra Misra reviewed preparations for temple construction on Tuesday and interacted with engineers about piling work.

To prepare the foundation, about 1,200 pillars will be laid at approximately 100 feet below the surface. In technical terms, this process is referred to as piling.

Misra reached Ayodhya on Monday evening. He will remain in the temple town for the next two days for a final review of all planning related with temple construction work and will leave for New Delhi on September 10.

The pillars for foundation will be of stone and no iron will be used. Again on these pillars, another layer of foundation will be laid.

Members of the Trust apprised Misra that from September 17 onwards or a day later, foundation laying work would start.

A machine from Casagrande, world renowned for manufacturing foundation laying equipment, would be used for piling, Champat Rai, general secretary of Sri Ram Janmabhoomi Tirath Kshetra Trust, told Misra.

“Initially, one pillar will be laid below the surface. Thereafter, it will undergo various tests to ensure its stability and durability,” engineers informed Misra.

After conducting all tests, from mid-October other pillars will be laid below the surface.

Misra also interacted with engineers of Larsen and Toubro who will carry out temple construction.

Misra asked about foundation laying and the which spot the work would start.

He also enquired about machines mobilized by the construction company for piling work.

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