Donald Trump’s former lawyer Cohen makes ‘toxic’ revelations about US President in new book


US President Donald Trump’s former personal lawyer, Michael Cohen has made damning allegations about the President in new book, ‘Disloyal: A Memoir’, written during his jail term for financial violations during the Trump campaign. 

The book says that Trump thought his supporters would think it’s cool he ‘slept with a porn star’ refering to adult-film star Stormy Daniels, and commented on how ‘hot’ Michael Cohen’s then 15-year-old daughter was. 

Cohen also writes of Trump leering at Cohen’s then-15-year-old daughter Samantha at Trump’s New Jersey golf club in 2012. He is said to have inadvertently commented to Cohen on his daughter: ‘Look at that piece of a***. I would love some of that.’ Cohen writes that when he told Trump that it was his daughter, Trump replied: ‘When did she get so hot?’ 

Cohen also describes the very-married Trump ogled at contestants at his Miss Universe pageant and boasted he could ‘have all of them’ if he wanted. He also claimed to have seen Trump corner and forcibly kiss women at his office.

According to the book, Trump made crude, disparaging remarks about South Africa’s Nobel Peace Prize-winning former leader Nelson Mandela. Cohen wrote that after Mandela’s death in 2013, Trump said: “Mandela f—ed the whole country up. Now it’s a s—hole. F— Mandela. He was no leader.”

The book also mentions that Trump once said: “I will never get the Hispanic vote. Like the blacks, they’re too stupid to vote for Trump. They’re not my people.”

Cohen also alleges in the book that Trump is “guilty of the same crimes” that landed him (Cohen) in prison, and calls his former boss “a cheat, a liar, a fraud, a bully, a racist, a predator, a conman”. He said he had the mentality of a “mob boss”.

The report about Trump’s comments could also impact the US presidential election in November in which Trump is seeking a second term in office. However, the White House says Cohen is lying. “Cohen is a disgraced felon and disbarred lawyer, who lied to Congress,” press secretary Kayleigh McEnany said in a statement at the weekend. “He has lost all credibility, and it’s unsurprising to see his latest attempt to profit off of lies.”

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