Sushant Singh Rajput’s unseen video from February 2020 accessed


The Sushant Singh Rajput death case is getting murkier with each passing day. What started with allegations of nepotism and favouritism in Bollywood, followed by Rhea’s company that Sushant kept, has reached the third stage where the drugs cartel of the glamour world is under the radar.

Videos don’t lie and our purpose of showing this video is to bring the truth out without being biased. 

The video was filmed in February 2020, a few months before the actor’s death and we can clearly see the physical as well as the mental condition Sushant seems to be in.

In the video, which seems to be shot at home, Rhea while speaking to Sushant in a fun way asks him about his skin tone and the colour of his ears to which he replies ‘pink’. She further asks him about a game of ludo they played and how Sushant lost at it. To this Sushant replies that he didn’t lose. Rhea then asks him not to lie. Sushant then responds with ‘but I also won’. Rhea then again replies that they were suppose to team up to which the Chhichhore actor says ‘1+1=0’, to which Rhea says that he shouldn’t call himself a zero. She adds that he is a ‘hero’.

In the said video, exclusively shown at a segment in DNA show, Sushant’s voice and his laughter seems a little different.

In the raw footage of the video accessed by DNA, Sushant is reading a book titled ‘Loaded’ and he has lost a game, because of which he calls himself a zero. Rhea, on the other hand tells him that he isn’t zero but a hero. 

Just before the video  ends, Rhea says, ‘should I send this video to Papa?’. However, it is unclear whose father she is referring to, whether her own or Sushant’s.

After viewing the clip, which also happens to be his first private video, it apparently seems like Sushant Singh Rajput has consumed drugs and doesn’t seem to be in his senses according to his behaviour in the said video.

While it wasn’t the intention to show his private video, given the circumstances, we have aired it.

In the second clip, which is also from February 2020, Sushant again seems to under the of drugs influence of drugs.

The 34-year-old talented star, who had the capability of becoming a superstar and making it big in the industry, he had been reduced to this. In the video, one can clearly see how Sushant is lost in another world. His eyes are witness to it. In a moment then, he switches back to reality and it apparently looks like he will shed a tear, clearing depicting his mood swings. 

Sushant’s expressions are worth noting. He tries to hide his face and suppress his emotions. Then it looks like he is lost in thoughts, and when Rhea talks to him, he looks emotional. It’s almost as if will cry. He almost has tears in his eyes.

Meanwhile, Rhea has confessed before the NCB that she used to procure drugs for Sushant Singh Rajput. During interrogation, it came to light that Sushant had become addicted to drugs and since the last six to seven months he was consuming a lot of it. 

These videos are probably from the same time when he was consuming drugs in high quantity and was also taking medicines for depression. 

This video introduces all to the real life of Sushant Singh Rajput just before his unfortunate demise. In the video, he clearly doesn’t seem physically and mentally stable. 

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