Caitlyn Jenner reveals real reason why she split from Kris Jenner


Caitlyn Jenner recently opened up about her split from her ex-wife Kris Jenner on Rob Lowe’s Literally! podcast. It was in 2013 that Caitlyn and Kris announced their separation after 23 years of marriage. After the split, Caitlyn began opening up about identity and transition from Bruce Jenner. At the time it seemed like her transition was the reason for their divorce, however, Caitlyn recently opened up about why they really broke up. 

Explaining the reason, Caitlyn said, “After 23 years, Kris and I went our separate directions. My identity… it was not a big part of us separating. There were so many other bigger issues out there.” However, Caitlyn admitted that her “frustration” with herself caused her to be “a little bit shorter” with Kris at the end of their marriage. 

Talking further about her relationship with Kris post-split, Caitlyn said, “Then all of a sudden, we didn’t have any issues. You know, we just, you know, it was calm.”

Caitlyn also said that when she revealed her new name to her ex, she had to do it carefully. She told Kris that she had chosen the name, Caitlyn, and Kris’ reaction was pretty priceless as she said, “She goes, ‘Oh, my God. What do I call you?’ I said, ‘Well, my name is Caitlyn.’ And she goes, ‘Good, you stayed with the K’s,'” Caitlyn revealed. “I went, ‘No, I’m going with a C.’ Yes, I had to break it to her easily. I said, ‘There’s got to be a little separation between church and state.'”

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