Adhyayan Suman’s old interview about Kangana Ranaut asking him to ‘do cocaine’ is now viral


In the recent controversy around the death of actor Sushant Singh Rajput, several revelations were made, including the ‘drug connection’ of those the late star surrounded himself with, namely Rhea Chakraborty and her brother Showik.

While the Narcotics Control Bureau is probing the drug connection in the case and has nabbed Rhea’s brother Showik and Samuel Miranda, it was actor Kangana Ranaut who had earlier come forth to offer help to expose all in the Hindi Film industry who were invovled in the consumption of drugs. 

She had written in one of her tweets, “I am more than willing to help @narcoticsbureau but I need protection from the centre government, I have not only risked my career but also my life, it is quite evident Sushanth knew some dirty secrets that’s why he has been killed.”

She also alleged that 99 per cent of Bollywood consumes drugs and added that “if NCB enters Bullywood, many A listers will be behind bars, if blood tests are conducted many shocking revelations will happen.” Pointing out that the most commonly used drug at high-profile Bollywood parties was ‘cocaine’, Kangana tweeted, “Most popular drug in the film industry is cocaine, it is used in almost all house parties it’s very expensive but in the beginning when you go to the houses of high and mighty it’s given free, MDMA crystals are mixed in water and at times passed on to you without your knowledge.”

However, in a recent development, an old interview of actor Adhyayan Suman, conducted by DNA, has surfaced online and is going viral, wherein the actor had made some shocking revelations about Kangana.

“On her birthday in March 2008 at The Leela, she (Kangana) had invited everybody that she had worked with. She said “Let’s do cocaine in the night.” I had smoked hash with her a couple of times before and didn’t like it so I said no. I remember getting into the biggest argument that night because I said no to cocaine,” Adhyayan Suman was quoted telling DNA in a 2016 interview, where he also spoke about his then rumoured girlfriend Kanagan’s legal  battle with Hrithik, his own relationship with her, how it all started and then ended with an ugly break-up.

Meanwhile, according to media reports, Adhyayan Suman has acknowledged that drugs are commonplace in Bollywood. However, he also added that Hindi film industry wasn’t the only place where drugs are consumed. He also stated that drugs are wrong and that nobody should be doing it.

Earlier, Kangana’s remarks, calling out the film industry members for supporting Rhea Chakraborty in the Sushant Singh Rajput case and her relentless attacks on the Hindi Film industry did not go down well with her colleagues. While some have openly called her opportunist, recently, the Producers’ Guild of India issued an open letter, highlighting the “relentless attacks” of painting a false image of the Indian film industry’s reputation. 

The Guild in the statement noted that the “tragic death of a promising young star has been used by some as a tool to defame and slander the film industry and its members.”

The organisation explained that the picture painted of the industry as a “terrible place for outsiders to aspire to, a place that threatens those who dare to enter it with contempt and derision; a murky den of substance abuse and criminality” was not the truth.

Meanwhile, the NCB has been granted four-day custody of Rhea’s brother Showik and Sushant’s former house manager Samuel Miranda by the court.

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