Amit Sadh reveals his checklist for a role, opens up on media trial in SSR case


Actor Amit Sadh, who has been ruling the web space with his characters and fantastic portrayal of Inspector Kabir Sawant and Major Videep in hit series Breathe and Avrodh: The Siege Within streaming on Amazon Prime and SonyLiv respectively, recently spoke to DNA in an exclusive interview where he opened up about the checklist that he has to accept any script, his upcoming project and the media trial in Sushant Singh Rajput case. 

On being asked what is his secret to staying so busy even during lockdown and on what parameters he judges whether or not to accept a script/role, Amit in an exclusive chat with DNA said, “I have a checklist and one of the most important things in that is the kind of people I am working with. Are they going to be fair? Are they going to safeguard me? Are they going to be committed and are they good people? Secondly, will people who watch this story will they be inspired? Will their time be worth watching my role/story? Will my role impact people? And last, what this role is going to do to me? When I get a tick on all these boxes is when I take up a role.”

Amit, who has starred in several television series, was a part of reality TV shows Bigg Boss and Nach Baliye season 1. He has also been seen in several films including Kai Po Che!, Sultan, Akira, Sarkar 3, Gold, Super30, Shakuntala Devi among others. However, he marked his film debut with Phook 2 in 2010.

While Amit’s roles in the above films and television dramas have been appreciated time and again, it is only recently that he has been receiving a lot of attention and being lauded for his stupendous acting in the above mentioned web series in the online space. 

On being asked if he has finally got his due, Amit said, “Nobody owes us anything. I just feel that you work hard and then God blesses you and people bless you. These are all blessings. I don’t want to be arrogant and say I finally got my due. Everybody works but very few get blessings in return, so I will take it just as that.” “I’m happy and grateful. It’s making me work harder and be better,” Amit added.

Speaking about dealing with negativity and trolls, the Breathe actor stated that he hasn’t been at the receiving end of it. However, in a one of incident, he added that some social media users may have said something uncomfortable to him. In addition he also said that he feels angry when people use abusive language. 

“I receive a lot of love from my fans. However, its only on very few occasions that sometimes someone says something uncomfortable or disgusting which at times hurts but I don’t mind that too. I feel the angst when people get abusive. I get disappointed when people do that. However, I have rarely had to face such a thing.”

Clarifying that he won’t leave social media because of a few who troll people online, he said that he isn’t scared and is a ‘gladiator’. “I won’t go anywhere. I am here to stay. No one can scare me to leave. I believe that there are thousands of people who love me and I love my fans back. I want to stay connected with them. Why should I leave the platform for a few? I’m not one to be scared. I’m a gladiator,” Amit said.

When speaking about the difference between films and OTT platforms and how each character has their own graph and a back-story so well-written in a web series/film that it helps every character to shine on its own, Amit told DNA, “I haven’t been at the receiving end of this. However, it happens sometimes. In a movie it’s very difficult to change every character because you are just changing the lead story. In a series the narrative is structured in a way where every character shines and all the credit goes to the writers who are working very hard on the structure.” “It’s not about 1-2 people shining in a film, every character should shine,” he added.

Speaking about adopting the new normal and resuming work after the coronavirus pandemic Amit said that he is happy that they can work as a small catalyst in helping other who work in the project to earn money and feed their families. He added that at the sets they are follwong all the guidelines to prevent any mishap and would want every person to stay healty and safe. 

“We are trying to communicate as much as possible over phone, hold meetings online and have less physical interaction and then on the sets we are working on having less people around, work on a smaller set, try to be in masks until it’s not required to take them off. We have the guidelines, we are following them, because we want everyone to stay healthy and safe.”

On his upcoming project, Amit revealed that he working on another project which is an inspiring story about struggle, survival and resurrection. 

Diverting from the topic, while speaking to DNA about the Sushant Singh Rajput case and the alleged media trial around it, Amit sadi that he feels sad about the entire thing. “It’s just become strange. It pains me that somebody is not with us and we are doing all this tamasha (circus). Even people who didn’t know him have made themselves torchbearers. I would just like to say that as an educated citizen, the matter is with the right authorities. I believe in my government. I believe in my country and I believe that truth will prevail and till then people should just keep quiet. I just feel sad as to what they are doing. I just hope that people introspect and recall that there is a person who is not with us. So, let’s be a little more graceful and not judge,” he concluded.

Amit, who annoucned a break from social media since he is shooting for his upcoming project, will be next seen in Zee5’s Zidd.

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