Bengaluru emerges as drug capital in South India; City Police raid several drug peddlers


After the NCB said that prominent actors and musicians in Karnataka are involved in the usage of MDMA Pills, filmmaker Indrajit Lankesh has raised questions about why the probe in several cases involving Kannada actors in the past have not been probed thoroughly. He also questions if police persons were involved and if there was a cover-up. 

Following this, the Central Crime Branch of Bengaluru has summoned him to come and share information and support Blore Police in this fight against drugs. The cops have said they will investigate every information that he will share.
The CCB has also stated that Bangalore Police have been raiding lot of drug peddlers and even detected drugs supplied through the darknet. The CCB has also said that they have a toll free number 1098 where the public have been calling and giving them information.

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