Leaders urge flock to be responsible on Muharram | Kolkata News


Kolkata: Community leaders have urged people to obey the Supreme Court order and refrain from bringing out any Muharram procession. They have also urged people to observe Muharram in enclosed spaces, abiding by all the social distancing guidelines.
The Supreme Court on Thursday declined permission for bringing out Muharram processions across the country. “We will follow the SC order. We have to keep in mind that the virus is still a threat,” said Syed Meher Abbas Rizvi, Shia cleric and imam-e-jumma, Cossipore. He also urged the government to provide some relief to devotees who want to bring out the tazia with a limited number of people.
The police said there has been no application submitted so far to hold a Muharram procession. In certain divisions, like Port and central, several akharas have given in writing that no part of the religious process will be carried out on the road, senior officers told TOI.
The cops said the community and religious leaders have been taking help of WhatsApp and Facebook to urge the people to stay indoors.
“We are keeping watch on the ground situation. Every division has made an arrangement and the local police stations are keeping in touch with the akharas. But the arrangements made by Lalbazar are meant only for those who might have a sudden change of heart. The traffic police has no role in the arrangement,” an officer said.

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