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An immunity-booster chapati, a telemetry-based device for contactless monitoring of Covid-19 patients and an air sanitiser for air-conditioned offices are among the eight products developed by startups at Bangalore Bioinnovation Centre (BBC), all of which centre around limiting the spread of the pandemic.

Deputy chief minister CN Ashwath Narayan, who holds the information technology and biotechnology portfolio, launched the products on Thursday in the presence of PM’s principal scientific advisor K Vijay Raghavan. BBC is an initiative of Karnataka’s IT and biotechnology department.

“These products add to the list of earlier products developed at BBC. This shows that Karnataka has emerged as a leading state in developing solutions to fight the pandemic,” said Narayan. The PM’s scientific advisor said BBC’s partnership with IIMB should help these startups in scaling up their products, market analysis and access to capital.

The following are the startups and their products as disclosed by the IT and biotechnology department.

Padma Vitals +: Developed by Madan Gopal of Cardiac Design Labs, it is a centralised monitoring device for ECG, respiration, Spo2 and body temperature. It measures vitals continuously and the analysis sent through telemetry, with an alerting system embedded in it. The device, validated at Narayana Hrudayalaya, helps in contactless monitoring of Covid patients.

Malli’s Cordytea: Developed by Dr Moushmi Mondal from Mallipathra Neutraceuticals, the product is an immunity-booster tea prepared from medicinal mushroom, grown under lab conditions.

CD4 Shield: Developed by Vijay Lanka and team from Stabicon, it is a chewable tablet. The product reduces cytokine storm in response to viral infection.

BeamRoti: Developed by Srinivas from Aspartika, the product is an immunity-booster chapati made with a mixture of herbs recommended by the Ayush ministry.

Immune booster daily drops: Developed by Srinivas from Aspartika, the product is an immunity booster drop having a mixture of herbs recommended by the Ayush ministry.

VegPhal: Developed by Deepak Bhajantri from Krimmi Biotech, this fruit and vegetable sanitiser is prepared using edible ingredients effective against microbes and removal of pesticides.

Water Sanitiser-Kitchen Tap: The product, developed by Ravi Kumar from Biofi, is a miniaturised version of UV purifier that can be attached to a water tap. It is said to kill 99% of microbes.

Anti-Microbial HVAC module: Developed by Ravi Kumar from Biofi, the module can be fitted to a heating, ventilation and airconditioning (HVAC) system to sanitise air indoors.

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